Month: November 2017

PRIMAL: New Concept Album is coming soon !


New concept album, jazz suite in chapters by Confusion Project trio is coming soon. Jazz suite in chapters, a tale of a man, who goes alone on a journey outside civilization to discover his true nature. Human nature but also the nature surrounding us and the connection between them – something many people seem to forget.
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front cover by Daniel Latsch


Michał Ciesielski:
“After recording and touring with “The Future Starts Now” album it became clear to me, that the third album has to be something completely different. The future has already started so our music has to start changing as well. When I first came up with the idea of a concept album I was thrilled! That was it! Why keep on trying to tell one story per each song – let’s create a story that would last throughout the whole album.
The topic was another issue. If I want to elaborate on one topic for almost an hour so that it wouldn’t waste the listeners time then it better be a good one. And a topic I feel like exploring myself. So I came up with nature. Human nature but also the nature surrounding us. And the connection between them – something many people seem to forget. To make the story honest I had to answer myself – what is the most natural music for me? What is my nature as an artist?
So I came up with a story of a man taking an every-day walk to the old tree standing at the end of the road. Only this time he decides not to go back but to explore what’s further ….”

1. The Old Oak
2. Primal
3. Monologue I
4. Into the Forest
5. Monologue II
6. Lost
7. Monologue III
8. Upstream
9. The Wind and the Stone
10. The Climb
11. The Landscape

Michał Ciesielski – grand piano
Piotr Gierszewski – bass guitar
Adam Golicki – drums

Trailers/Teasers created by Radosław Mroczek
Special thanks to the director and crew of Stolowe Mountains National Park, our official partner of upcoming CD.

management: Michał Mierzejewski, ML MGMT Music Landscapes Management
all rights reserved by Confusion Project